Why Choose Us

We act as a manufacturer

We are manufacturer who can give you best assurance with quality and quantity commitment at the price that our client can afford. Orchid Petrochem positioned in downstream refining by setting up refinery unit in Hamriyah Free Zone, UAE. With multiple fractional and splitter units holding ability to process various petroleum based feed stocks with capacity of 144000 ton per annum.

Storage Facility & Logistic Support

To meet emerging demand we have developed terminal facilities with total 17 Storage Tanks strategically located in regional oil trading hub Hamriyah Free Zone. We bring value to our storage facilities with logistic support by ensuring we follow the well acceptable business terms, understanding the operational needs of each client and work to find new ways to move products for our clients. Import, exports and trading of all specialties of petrochemicals is a monumental task without having a right network of logistics and supply chain.

At Orchid Petrochem, we understand that our business is only as good as our storage and supply chain management. Our logistics and supply networks are well established that gives us the power of speaking the customer’s language. We believe that exceptional logistics implementation requires accurate customer orders, on time delivery and a resolution to provide unparalleled quality and safety of goods.

Our Destination

We want to be the preferred supplier of choice for clients and become a reputed petrochemical company that best understands the business needs of our customers. We also aim to deliver products and services through constant innovative channels catering to all industries.

Values That Make Us Rising

At Orchid Petrochem, from the minute detail to a large business transaction, everything we do resonate our letter of spirit, our vision as a company and our own set of values. Our values are our code of conduct where we challenge ourselves to be accountable for our actions thereby creating succeeding teams that have an undying attitude to win. Our values also resonate our strong interest and relationship we hold with our vendors and suppliers, stake holders, employees, local communities and environment at all levels and clients around the world.

Customer Service

Excellent and flawless customer service experience is among our top most priorities and one of the hallmarks of Orchid Petrochem. We are constantly listening to our customers in order to exceed their expectations. We believe in providing our clients with an experience with special care at all times.


Underneath everything that we decide to do and some things we do not decide to do lies our quest for quality work. We are known for our quality of products and services. We strive day in and day out for excellence and constant improvement in customer service, logistics management, company management, employee affairs, vendor management and meeting national and international trade laws.

Supply Partner

It is our constant effort to ensure our vendor and supply chain management is always on track. We constantly hold talk with our supply partners to course ways that makes business more streamline and possible.

Code of Conduct

Every person who is a part of Orchid Petrochem follows a stringent code of conduct. These are set of rules that we govern ourselves by wherein we believe our clients and co-workers need constant support and honest communication. This code of conduct helps meet the most difficult of business challenges faced by the international trade industry laws.

For trade Inquiries: trade@orchidpetrochem.com